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Simple and easy, all through our Web SMS Portal.

Create and manage your online sms campaigns with our amazing SMS Portal. Send one sms, send millions… we’ve made it easy, simple and powerful. Like our SMS gateway.

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Change from broadcasts to conversations with 2 way sms, by allowing your customers to get back to you and reply back for free!


Select the sender ID to be your brand’s name instead of a number, and let your recipients identify you as soon as they receive your message.


Do you send the same message often? With our SMS templates, write your message once, save it, and then re-use it as often as you need to.


Swap that ugly “dear valued customer” for personal “Hi Jenny”, by using our personalised fields in your text messages. The higher the personalisation, the higher the conversion!


Sending an online SMS broadcast after hours? Create it today, schedule it for later, and our SMS platform will work its magic for you at the selected time and date.


Worried about an influx of calls to your company after an SMS campaign? SMS Central lets you send your campaign in big or small batches depending your needs.


If all you want to do is send a text message to a handful of contacts or a group of contacts, then this fast and easy alternative will win your heart!


When one of your contacts sends you a message, you can reply with an SMS directly from your Online SMS Portal inbox!


You can create automated campaigns triggered by keywords or numbers, to make sure that you keep the conversations going!



Whether you have a database of thousands of contacts, or a spreadsheet of your 50 employees, you can upload them all automatically with one click.


You can export your lists of contacts into a .csv file easily via our Online SMS Portal.


You can set rules based on keywords to unsubscribe contacts that have chosen to opt out automatically. We’ll make sure none of your campaigns go out to them, but you don’t lose their history.


Break your database down into groups by stores, gender, location,… Then you can send targeted SMS offers with higher conversion!


You can manage contacts within one or multiple accounts. You can also decide whether unsubscribe rules apply to all accounts, within a hierarchy or within a specific set of accounts.


If your database contains more information than our existing fields, you can use our custom fields to personalise your campaigns even further. It’s all about that conversation.

Powerful Reporting

Analytics you won’t believe!

Run reports on campaigns, accounts, based on keywords, for one or all messages… possibilities are infinite, just like our filtering options.

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We’ll let you know the status of every single sent SMS – on the spot. Whether it has been delivered to the carrier, is still queued or failed, you’ll know.


Love data crunching? Set scheduled reports to be delivered to you automatically each week or month, in a convenient .csv format.


Looking for a message you sent? Or a particular reply from a particular contact? We keep a detailed message log of every single SMS you’ve sent or received, so you can easily search a specific one or report on a bunch.


If you are a fan of bank statements to understand why your balance is a certain way, you will absolutely love our transaction reports… Or if you wonder what your users have been up to, our activity logs will get your cravings sorted!


Go back to that online SMS campaign you sent 6 months ago and review the message you wrote, how many people replied and any other data that will help you improve your future SMS campaigns.


If you are an SMS Central Premium Partner and manage multiple subaccounts, you are able to run from your Manager Portal reports on all or some of your accounts.

Rules & Triggers


With R&T you can create a series of infinite automated campaigns which respond to the simple logic: If this happens, then this should happen.


When sending or receiving, from or to a number, whichever keyword you determine… you decide what will be the trigger!


Set a rule to receive all your inbound SMS or delivery receipts in your email inbox.


If you are using our SMS API, you can also create a rule to forward inbound SMS or DLRs to your company’s URL.


If you don’t want alerts for inbound SMS, you can set a rule to mark all message you receive in your inbox as read.


You can set up automatic SMS replies to your inbound SMS, dependant on keywords or who it’s coming from.


As a default, we create an unsubscribe rule with the Keyword STOP. But you can customise it to include other not so polite keywords!


If you are running a competition, depending on the keyword your contacts reply with, you can assign them to different groups for future SMS communications.

Manager Portal

Become a partner & unleash the possibilities.

Become one of SMS Central Partners and create subaccounts to manage different departments, stores of business sections!


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Visualise and access all your accounts and users from one spot.


Create as many subaccounts as your business needs, with the ability to create innate hierarchical structures.


With different roles and levels, you can grant access to different accounts and subaccounts. You are in absolute control.


Allocate SMS credits to different subaccounts from one spot. Be alerted if they are running low on credit, or automatically top them up.