1. Five great ways to use SMS at Christmas

Hey there, and welcome to the SMS Central Christmas series. Over four blogs we’ll be looking at how you can use SMS to connect with your customers this Christmas season. First things first, let’s pull apart the different uses for SMS and how they might work for your business.

We know Christmas is a busy time of year for you and your customers, so here at SMS Central, we’ve come up with five ways that SMS can help your business make the most of the festive season. Ho-ho-hope you like them!

1. Time-saving texts

‘Your Christmas order is ready for collection, we’re open 9-5 until Christmas Eve’

You can use SMS instead of calling customers to let them know when they can pick up their purchases - saving you and your staff valuable time. You can send out group SMS in less than 3 minutes, potentially messaging hundreds of customers in the time it takes to make one phone call!

Providing extra details like opening hours or location delivers all the information your customers need straight to their phone.

2. Promotional Coupons

‘Get 20% off at [insert business name] until 9pm December 24’

If you have an existing database, you can use promotional coupons to drive customers in store. If you don’t have a database don’t despair, this can be a really strong way to generate one! Just encourage your customers to sign up to your SMS club by texting their name and code-word (such as ‘xmas’) to a dedicated inbound number, then reward them with the offer!

3. Give a little more

‘Get the most out of your new computer in 2012, with 30% off external hard drives until December 31’

If you’ve got some of your customer’s details on hand, then the festive season is a great time to contact them with targeted offers. After Christmas is the time to promote your sales, and with SMS you can reach your database with targeted offers. You can even use their location or purchase history to deliver offers that are particularly relevant to them.

4. Keeping your customers in the loop

‘Your package has been sent, expected delivery date 20/12/11 Aus Post ref: XXXXX.’

Create a stronger relationship with your customers by keeping them in the loop over the festive season. Messages about the process of a package, holiday opening hours, or number of free appointments left before the Christmas break.

5. Useful info

‘Christmas day forecast – 27 and sunny, have a Merry Christmas from [insert business name]’

Sending your database useful information over the Christmas period can create a positive attitude towards your business, as long as you make sure the information is relevant to your audience. A great example is sending surf conditions to customers who have recently purchased new boards, wetsuits or bathers, or the whether forecast for customers who have purchased camping gear. Everyone loves to get useful and friendly information without being sold something, and this is such an easy way to create a stronger consumer connection with your brand.

Want more information? We’ve got staff in Santa hats* waiting to take your call on 1300 00 7672.

The next blog in the Christmas Series will be all about how to structure your SMS to get the best response from your database. We’ve got a simple formula that will help you avoid writers block!


*Hats may or may not be worn by all staff.

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