2. What Makes A Great SMS?

In part two of the SMS Central Christmas series, we introduce you to a really easy formula to help you get the most out of your text messages. It’s got a really (un)cool acronym: AIDA, but don’t let that fool you. If you take a look at all the effective communication out there, you’ll be able to identify these four points.

A is for Attention

The very first thing you need to do is attract people’s attention. You’ve got a head start on this one, because you’ve chosen an SMS campaign and we know that a huge percentage of people open text messages when they receive them. You can capitalise on this by making sure the first sentence in your text is interesting. Think of it like a headline:

‘Exclusive members discounts on all toys!’

I is for interest

Interest is all about getting your database excited about the offer. For the toy sale you would want to add one of the items you know will sell well. Something like:

‘Including new Cars 2 figurines’

D is for Desire

This is really the point where you hit the message home. It’s the point that people will remember, and the reason they will forward the text to their friends!
For the toy sale it could be:

‘Get up to 25% off’'

 A is for Action

So now you’ve told them what you’ve got, and why they should care it’s time to motivate your database into action. This could be as simple as adding ‘while stocks last’ or directing them to your website. The stronger the call to action the better.  For our example you could write:

 ‘But only until midnight Christmas Eve. Show this message and save.’

Using the AIDA formula is a really easy way to structure your texts for maximum impact. If you haven’t read our first blog: 5 ways to use SMS this Festive Season yet, take a look. Our next Christmas blog will look at how you can maximise your distribution list. Until then, stock up on the eggnog and avoid the mistletoe.

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