Case Study: Paycycle

Our team love working with innovative businesses, which is why we were super excited to join forces with Australian online payroll company Paycycle to come up with a secure, reliable authorisation system for their automatic payments.

Who they are:

Paycycle is an online payroll system that allows Australian Small businesses to do their payroll anytime, anywhere. Even at the beach. The company thrives in delivering solutions that will save business owners time and money when it comes to payroll processing, so they can spend less time in admin tasks, and more time running their business.

What they wanted:

To continue offering their customers the most advanced payroll solutions on the market, the team at Paycycle decided to develop an automatic payment system, authenticated using an SMS authorization code – pretty sweet huh?
It went a little pear-shaped in the beta testing stage when their SMS provider’s API began failing unexpectedly. It meant that some messages were not reaching their destination, putting the release of the new system in jeopardy. This was bad. Very bad.

Where we come in:

Paycycle contacted us to see if we could help. We love helping, so we put our customer care Technical specialist team in touch with Paycycle’s dev team quick smart. The problem was cleared up almost immediately, and by the close of that same day we had the API up and running, giving Paycycle a positive end to their beta testing period. (We may have drank a week’s worth of coffee in those 24 hours, but it was worth it.)

What happened next:

After an extensive round of hi 5’s, Paycycle released their shiny new automatic payment system. The API with SMS Central worked seamlessly, and every single SMS reached it’s intended recipient. Delivering this unique piece of functionality to market has increased Paycycle’s customer base, and solidified their position as a leader in online payroll innovation.

This is just one of the many, many ways SMS can integrate with your business. If you have an idea, let us help you turn it into a success!

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