The New Platform

We love our shiny new platform, and we think you will too!

It’s got some sweet features for small business, as well as the flexibility to suit the needs of larger organisations.
Here are just five of the reasons we think it rocks:

1. Receive replies to your inbox.
Set up your account so that when your database replies to your campaign, their messages go straight to your email inbox, or even to a URL or alternative email address- for free!

2. Get dedicated numbers instantly.
Now you can rent and manage your own dedicated numbers instantly from our platform (told you you’d love it!) Attach your new numbers to any account and send away.

3. Pimp your platform
Take advantage of all our hard work, and make our platform your own. You can change the colour scheme, integrate your own logo and for our reseller partners you can even host it on your own domain.

For special times of year we encourage you to change it up.
Maybe a little green for St. Patrick’s Day? To be sure, to be sure.

4. Take control
The new platform has enhanced user control functions, which means you can create and manage an unlimited amount of accounts and users, with the ability to utilise 3 different access levels for different users and different campaigns.

5. Do it whenever you want
Don’t wait for us, now you can generate your own invoices and reports whenever you want with our souped up reporting capabilities. You want to generate an invoice or a report of your most receipt campaign at 3am on a Sunday morning? Now you can!

If you want, you can even take it a step further and set up routine email reports so you don’t even have to log in to know what's going on with your account.

Want to know more about web SMS? Have a squiz at our website, or call us on 1300 00 7672.

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