Updated Service Level

Today we raised the bar in our commitment to delivering the best service possible to you.

You might not be aware of this, but our Tech team works really hard on a daily basis to improve our platform. This could be in the form of a new feature, or as a "back end" improvement (the magic that happens behind the scenes that makes the portal and gateway work).

With a larger customer base, and an increase in SMS sent and received, the boys have been working really hard in making sure that our reliability remains rock solid. This included 2 improvements:

  • - API customers can now send up to 100 individual messages with one single API request (previously this was 1 message per API request);
  • - our internal queueing process in our gateway has been re-vamped.

As you know, we have a Service Level Agreement which we undertake with you as soon as you sign up as a customer of SMS Central.

Today we have changed our SLA's Service Level commitment, with an increase in the throughput level from 2,000 per minute to 200 per second.

That's our new and improved promise to you.

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