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I’m very pleased to announce SMS Central’s new look & feel.

During 2012, we've been thinking and thinking (and re-thinking 10 more times!) ways in which we could make your business life easier (well…the small portion of it that we touch).

Besides upping the service reliability and speed in our current platform, we took it upon ourselves to shake things up in the world of SMS. We’ve decided to raise the bar.

In what sense?

For starters, what we’re offering is not just SMS. We are giving you software as a service that allows you to not only send and receive SMS, but to manage your contacts, set up rules & triggers, run’s new and ever-evolving technology.

Technology and constant improvement go hand in hand; our new logo, our new website, and our new-to-come SMS Portal are all parts of this rebranding.

SMS Central dashboard new user

Dashboard for new users.

We are working really hard to deliver the best SMS software out there. This is not just about adding one or two features; it’s about identifying the need and opportunity to set a new standard for the industry.

After months of specifications, (re)design and development, litres of coffee, late nights scribbling on whiteboards, and a joint collaboration between our customer care, dev, product, sales and marketing teams, we are putting the finishing touches to, what we believe will be a product that you will love.

Design-wise, it will definitively raise the bar in the industry. Functionality wise, we are constantly building the platform, allowing for it to grow in terms of the specific functionality our customers need, to make SMS communication work effortlessly (or close to!) for you.

And let’s not forget, customer care.

We’ve made it one of our pillars to understand what you love about us, what are the areas you think we could improve and what are the big or small ways in which we (team and product) could make your life easier. Over the last two months, all our customers received a number of emails and phone calls to help us identify this important stuff, so we can continue to build it into the fabric of SMS Central.

So brace yourselves, next year you’ll be seeing many of those requests come to life.

I have not written many blogs in the past, but I truly believe this one was a must-have: because from now onwards, we are upping the game. Big time. And I wanted to give you a heads up.

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