It’s been some intense couple of months, but finally today we are able to ship the newest version of our customer portal.

The first stage of this massive deployment will be to allow all new customers and current customers with only one account to use the new version of our application. If you have sub-accounts, hang in there and keep your eyes peeled for early 2013, when we'll release a new and fresh way of managing your accounts.

SMS Central Dashboard

In this new version, the first thing you’ll notice is a clear change in the look and feel, and small (but what we deem GREAT!) improvements, like balance displayed in sms credits, faster loading tables, a simpler, step-by-step process to creating your campaign (same amount of options, just staged differently) and a stunning looking dashboard, to name a few.

Contacts are now owner by the account (not the users) and have been rearranged into groups, with 2 default ones (All contacts & Unsubscribed).

Campaigns as shifted to a step-by-step wizard, to make sure you don’t forget any of the important requests prior to sending it out.

SMS Central Campaign Wizard Step 1-3

Send/Receive Wizard - Steps 1 & 3

We’ve also improved Reports, which will provide you with a clearer way to get your information sent (delivered and bounced) and received.

The biggest new section is “Settings”, a complete and full-on re-vamp of our previous “Services”, where you’ll be able to set up rules and triggers for any incoming SMS, create, edit and personalise templates and buy dedicated numbers.

Finally, our dev team has worked some magic in terms of speed: this is a fast and furious app.

Load times have gone down dramatically, and processing bulk requests (for example, uploading contacts) has improved quite phenomenally.

From a support point of view, we’ve created a forum with FAQs regarding this migration, and if you are keen on going granular and learning every single thing we’ve changed, you can read the full release notes here.

Last, but not least, we’ve opened up feature requests to involve you more directly in our product roadmap. We’ll let you guide us towards those features you deem more important. So feel free to go in there and add requests, or vote for your favs.

This is the first of many product related news we are proud to bring forward. We know there are tons of improvements pending, but we are all about enhancing with your feedback, so feel free to drop our product team a line and tell us what things should be added, changed or modified.

I’ll be in touch again early 2013 with some more news!

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