SMS could alert of zombie apocalypse

Our team is a bit of a TV series addict. One of the top ranked series we watch (and if you haven't we recommend you get onto it now) is The Walking Dead, a show about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

If you fear this could be one way the world could end, don't worry! It looks like SMS alerts could give you a head start to go down the supermarket, stash yourself with food and water for the next months and help you survive.

SMS could help you from a zombie apocalypse!

SMS could help you ditch this crowd!

The UK government will commence trials on an emergency SMS alert system that could warn the population when emergency situations develop in their city.

The first round of testing will begin this week and could alert users of severe weather, an earthquake or even a flue pandemic. And of course a zombie apocalypse. Apparently SMS will be marked as TEST during the trial period, and citizens will be asked for feedback. I really hope they don't send these tests early in the morning (sleepy people + emergency alert test = potential for confusion!).

The interesting thing (if you think the previous paragraphs are not interesting enough!) is the choice for SMS. And it goes to show that this tech, even if it's "old" and not as groovy as an "app", is here to stay and has many many uses: it's reliable, will get read on the spot and by over 90% of contacts and will make no distinction on brand, make or model.

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