Not all SMS are born equal

When I tell people I work for an SMS communication company, 99.9% of them would tell me "Oh! So you are the one that sends me discounts via SMS!"

And even though it's true online SMS is usually used to send limited-time or get-onto-it-now promotions, there are many other ways in which you can unleash the power of SMS communications within your business.

Online SMS uses - SMS Central

In this post we'll explore alternatives in which businesses can use SMS for enterprise & business solutions.

SMS Marketing & Promotions

SMS Marketing is the most common (or known) way to use online SMS. This usually involves sending out an SMS blast or broadcast to a large group of contacts; this requires consensual opt-in (and unsubscribe/ opt out options within the message) to remain compliant.

  • Special birthday offers redeemable on the day.
  • Send SMS reminders to your members when their membership is about to expire
  • Promotional coupons redeemable at the store can be sent out to increase foot traffic during low periods.
  • Make the most out of special dates by notifying your customers when season specials are up!

You can check some tips we published before on how to track the ROI of your SMS campaigns.

OperationAL SMS

Even though they don't sound very sexy, operational SMS is at the core of driving cost and time savings in key industries. Usually in the form of alerts and reminders, operational SMS messages are triggered on a 1-1 basis.

Most clients who use operational SMS chose to integrate with our SMS API, allowing their own systems to trigger the SMS according to their business requirements.

  • Overdue billing reminders can be automatically triggered and sent to debtors; these SMS not only reduce your aged receivables, but also the time it takes your finance department to chase up on these outstanding invoices!
  • 1 time passwords help decrease help desk requests - instead of sending a "forgot my password" email, you can have a new one generated automatically and sent to the user's mobile phone .  
  • Appointment reminders are a favourite of practice management software, either for health, beauty or fitness, reducing no-shows and therefore increasing profit.
  • with 2 factor authentication, you can add an extra layer of security to your online payment process by including a PIN your customers will receive via SMS.
  • Trigger delivery notifications as soon as parcels leave your company or if the status of a delivery changes; also notify your customers if a product is ready for pick up 
  • Notify your customers about unexpected outages, and send them estimated resolution times.

Internal efficiencY SMS

Internal SMS are the unsung hero of most businesses! These drive internal efficiencies and time savings within your own company systems and employees.

  • Sync your roster systems and send out SMS notifications when a new shift is available or an extra staff member is needed.
  • Reimbursements and special pays alerts sent to your employees' mobile phones.
  • Job allocation to your fleet while they are on the move
  • Here at SMS Central we have a dedicated number called "The Lateline"which we text into when we're running late, notifying our teams automatically via email.


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