One SMS batch at a time

You know SMS has a read rate of over 90%. And that users respond to SMS calls to action within 5 minutes of receiving the SMS (yeah, "it's instant" is one of the reasons you and I love SMS communications!).

Therefore, one of the really good problems you might have if you run a very successful SMS marketing campaign is that the response collapses your call centre, website or email inbox.

And here's where sending your SMS campaign in batches can make or break its success.

Batch sending - SMS Marketing with SMS Central

Batch sending allows you to break up your SMS campaign into smaller groups of messages. For example, if you have a campaign going out to 100,000 recipients, you could break the campaign up into batches of 10,000 recipients each. Or break it up into 5 batches, the first 4 being 22,000 SMS and the last one being 12,000 SMS.

Once you break it into batches, you can select the space gap between batches. Anywhere from 1 minute to hours!

Why would you use batches?


Imagine your call to action is "To redeem this offer, call <CALL CENTRE NUMBER>". If you send this campaign out to 100,000 subscribers, and 10% reply, that means you'll probably get 10,000 phonecalls in a very short period of time.

Batches allow you to give your call centre staff a chance to "catch up" with all incoming calls.


Sometimes you want to determine if the response rate changes depending on the time you send out the SMS campaign.

Yes, you could create 3 different campaigns, but if you are too lazy, you can just create one, break it into 2-3 batches and space them by 1-2 hours each.


If you have a store driven campaign, one of the greatest ways to make it work is to create a sense of urgency. In other words, a call to action that' driven by time: "drop in the next 2 hours, show this SMS and receive a 10% off".

You can certainly batch this type of campaigns with a 2-3 hour gap to ensure you have a steady flow of customers into your store.

What other ways could you use batch sending for your SMS marketing campaigns?

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