Online SMS & Education: teachers, students or all?

A number of schools & universities are starting to use SMS as a means to effectively communicate with and reach their communities.

It's obvious that, as an institution, you'd think that the main (and only?) way to use online SMS would be to remind students about events. Well, think again!

Online SMS & Education: teachers, students or all? SMS Central


Here are a number of other ways in which SMS are used in Education, from communicating with students, to managing lecturers and engaging with the community.

1. Notify parents of absenteeism
Let parents know when their child has skipped school. Some schools prefer to do so every time the kid misses class, others do it after 3-5 occurrences.

2. Manage staff rosters & emergency replacements
If a teacher is sick, you can trigger last minute SMS alerts to the rest of your on-call staff to find an available replacement.

3. Event management
A classic, from sending SMS reminders, to giving redeemable freebies or building your database.

4. Remind students of deadlines, alert them of grades
Some universities trigger online SMS campaigns 2 days prior to assignment deadlines to remind students of submissions. Also, when grades become available, they let students know so. Demand & reward!

6. Emergency alerts
Whether it's a hazardous situation (fire, threat, flooding, etc) or something specific to the school (closed for renovations) you can make sure everyone is onboard on time in full by sending them an SMS notification.

7. Tuition reminders
An overdue invoice? Not a problem, you can send SMS reminders to have the invoice paid as soon as possible.

Are there other ways in which your school or uni uses online SMS that we haven't covered? Let us know!

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