Should I use Web SMS, SMS API or Email to SMS?

Web SMS, SMS API or Email to SMS? SMS Central This post shows a quick summary on the main uses and benefits of Web SMS Portal, SMS API and Email to SMS.

Learn who uses each of these products, how they do so and then decide which one is best for you.


This rocks if you are using another software to manage your contacts/ write the message and all you want is an SMS gateway.

Usually the charmer within the enterprise space and software companies (doh!), the API lets you create a large number of rules, triggers and functionality on your side, and connect with us so we deliver the SMS to your recipients.

The other good thing about API is that you can send heaps of messages at a time (this might be too tech for you, but basically you can pack 100 messages in each post to our SMS gateway, and you can ping us 3 times per second… do the math!)

There may be different API types and the functionality of the API versus the user interface could be different, so make sure that what you are after is effectively available.

Web SMS Portal

For anyone sending marketing blasts or used to using software as a service, this option is the best (and hence top choice amongst marketing agencies and retailers).

When looking at online SMS platforms, one big thing can be its ease of use, so try it out with a couple of test SMS and see if you feel comfortable using it.

Also, before getting started and sending, it might be a good idea to browse the whole portal so you can check out all the available features.

Email to SMS

This is usually a hit within small businesses, mainly because of its ease of use and the fact that email is the system used across all businesses.

Email to SMS setup takes less than a minute, so from there onwards all you would have to do is write and send an email, and your contacts will receive and SMS.

Make sure you can remove the email’s signature, and check whether or not the subject line of the email is always included!

With the above info, which system works better for you?

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