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Not all SMS are born equal

When I tell people I work for an SMS communication company, 99.9% of them would tell me "Oh! So you are the one that sends me discounts via SMS!"

And even though it's true online SMS is usually used to send limited-time or get-onto-it-now promotions, there are many other ways in which you can unleash the power of SMS communications within your business.

Online SMS uses - SMS Central

In this post we'll explore alternatives in which businesses can use SMS for enterprise & business solutions.

4 tips to get the most out of SMS reminders

SMS is the king of immediate, actionable messages. Not only do people get them in their mobiles, they read them straight away.

For businesses like beauty salons, medical practices and restaurants, sms reminders have proven to be a fantastic way of reminding customers of appointments or upcoming events, hence reducing no shows... which translates to more business, and therefore higher returns.

online sms reminders - sms central

Here are 4 tips to unleash the power of your SMS reminders.

5 ways to track online SMS ROI

Whether it’s an appointment reminder or a marketing campaign, you should always track the return on investment of your online SMS efforts to make sure you can change/ modify variables in order to increase it over time.

A great SMS ROI gives you a sunny smiley face! - SMS Central

This way, your investment in SMS will yield higher returns so you can either invest more and get more, or invest the same... and still get more! Also, you'll be able to understand whether SMS as a channel is the right one to deliver the message to your customers.

Following are the 5 most popular ways to track SMS ROI.

SMS surveys: yes or no?

Surveys are an awesome way to gather data. You can learn a lot from your current customers, as well as prospects who could start using your business (and what would make them tick).

In general, surveys are a quanti way of data gathering: you collect info from a large number of people, without a great deal of detail.

SMS Central - SMS Surveys: Yes or No?

When asked whether or not running a survey via SMS is possible, our answer is YES. Now, the main question is: should YOU run an SMS survey? Go through this checklist and find out.

SMS Central unaffected by Heartbleed bug

Recently, a bug in the most popular software for encrypting web sites was exposed (it has existed for a couple of years!). It is known as the Heartbleed bug and it's so big, bad and important it's got its own website.

Why didn't heartbleed affect SMS Central?

Long story short, this bug made encrypted data like passwords vulnerable. In other words, your passwords may already have been leaked so it is definitely recommended that you go ahead and change them everywhere.

Good news is, SMS Central has not been exposed to it. We use a version of the encryption software that is not vulnerable to this bug. Therefore NONE OF YOUR PASSWORDS OR INFORMATION HAS BEEN LEAKED.

An incident like this is a good reminder that you need to regularly change your passwords. We recommend you go ahead and change your security keys & passwords in other websites you might use. If you want a list of websites that have been scanned for vulnerability, here's a list that gets often or here's Mashable's take on which passwords you should mostdef change.

App lets you customise SMS notifications

Mumble! is an Android app that uses custom alerts to give more information about the type of text message users receive before they look at their device.


Developed by Jordan Elvidge, the app uses smart algorithms to detect the type of message that’s been received, and offers varying vibration alerts to give users a better idea of its content. For example, Mumble! can make your phone vibrate more for longer messages and less for shorter messages.

An SMS prank for April’s Fool Day… too far?

If you are a parent and you receive circa 2.30am an SMS like this one from your kids' school... what would you do?

SMS April's fool

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, over one thousand parents of Castle Hill High School students received an SMS saying the school had burnt down... but apparently it was all an April's Fool day PRANK!

Scrolling through SMS history

Almost everything we do or say on our mobile devices is recorded and archived, comprising a huge database of moments in our lives.

You may have texted jokes, love poems, appointment reminders or meet up spots (and times)... Now lets you print any or all of your text message conversations onto decorative scrolls as a memento.



Today, reforms to the Australian Privacy Act, a set of 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that apply to the handling of personal information, take effect.

'Privacy' by unique377

'Privacy' by unique377

We have updated our privacy policy to reflect these reforms (although most of it was already covered) and outlined what has changed.

How an SMS gateway integration could reduce your SaaS churn!

If you own a SaaS business, you know that one of your biggest (if not the biggest) enemy is churn rate. If churn is not managed properly, it could result in lost revenue (or worse, the business experiencing negative revenue growth).

Image from Churn Rate 101.

Image from Churn Rate 101.

Since SaaS encompasses so many different types of businesses, the target market is phenomenally huge and diverse. For Software as a Service companies that target non-techy peeps, throwing an SMS Gateway into the mix would stir the ‘non frequent’ email and internet users to life, in a multi-pronged approach.

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