Aussie Farmers Direct

Reminders, reminders!

When you get fresh goods to your doors, it is crucial they are stored in a fridge… so if you are not home, would you remember to leave the Esky out?

Aussie Farmers Direct

Who are they?

Aussie Farmers Direct started out with a simple mission: to deliver fresh produce from the farmers to the people of Australia. Now they have over 130,000 customers getting everything from milk to seafood delivered right to their doors, every week.

The Situation

Imagine you’re getting milk delivered while you’re at work, and it’s a hot day, and you forgot to leave the Esky out. Bad news right? Aussie Farmers Direct wanted to make sure none of their customers ever had to experience this situation, so they began looking for simple ways to contact all of their customers to remind them to leave their cooler bags out. Calling them in the morning would be annoying for the customer and require an awful lot of manpower. Aussie Farmers Direct contacted SMS Central to see if SMS could be the answer.

The Solution

We set Aussie Farmers Direct up with our SMS API. It was easily integrated into their own systems making it super easy to use, so that anyone within the company could pick it easily and use it straight away to communicate with customers.

The Result

In short: no spoiled milk and happy delivery drivers! Implementing the new SMS service at Aussie Farmers Direct has allowed them to, not only deliver fresh produce to families all over Australia, but to ensure that the produce is still fresh and delicious when the families get home from their busy days. We love a happy ending!

If you think SMS reminders could help your customers or business, or if you have a completely different SMS idea, we’d love to hear more about it! 

No matter what your SMS idea is, we’ll help you get it off the ground. Drop us a line or call us on 1300 971 083.

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