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from time sensitive deals to last minute bookings with 2way sms activation, sms central helped myguestlist bring sms as a value added solution to their customers.

Who are they?

MyGuestlist is the world's most powerful online tool for the hospitality industry, with thousands of nightclubs, bars, promoters, restaurants, pubs & event organizers using a world-first cloud based platform in more than 10 countries.

What makes MyGuestlist unique is that it doesn’t only manage event lists, but is a rich-featured database management tool that allows venues to personalise their marketing messages across several channels, increasing customer frequency & brand loyalty, all in the one system.

The Situation

In 2011, MyGuestlist was looking at offering SMS notifications for their customers as a value added feature. They didn’t want to build an SMS gateway, but could identify a number of ways in which SMS could assist their clients in introducing new customers to their venues.

The technical directors tested a number of SMS providers and encountered numerous amounts of problems and a severe lack of flexibility, which they were seeking to implement within their software.

The Solution

Upon first contact with the SMS Central, the MyGuestlist team was immediately impressed by, not only the level of commitment by SMS Central support staff, but also by the extensiveness of the API and resources available to allow messages to be delivered all the time and with completely transparency. Some of the reasons for why they chose SMS Central after experimenting with multiple other providers:

  • Most powerful and flexible API
  • Quick response from SMS Central support staff on any queries
  • Willingness to listen and implement functionality specific to MyGuestlists’ needs
  • Efficiency of message delivery without the messages “failing for no apparent reason.”
  • Innovation based on new and emerging communication trends

The Result

Myguestlist’s SMS component is one of the value-add features in the software, helping venue managers boost loyalty and awareness with applications like time sensitive deals and last minute bookings with 2way activation, automated messages scheduled around dates, use of shortened URLs (such as bitly) to insert audio, video and images, etc.

The MyGuestlist team have used this flexibility to breathe a fresh breath of air in to the Entertainment & Hospitality industry by allowing a multi-media and rewards based engagement between venues and their customers.

Hundreds of thousands of bookings, ticket purchases and guestlists have been submitted by patrons across the world as a result of the SMS messages sent out by MyGuestlist’s clients. This has resulted in over $100M worth of financial transactions due completely, to the effectiveness and efficiency of the message delivery.

If you would like to add SMS as an add on feature to your software, or if you have a completely different SMS idea, we’d love to hear more about it! 

No matter what your SMS idea is, we’ll help you get it off the ground. Drop us a line or call us on 1300 971 083.

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