Automatic super payments authorisation

Finding a way to increase the security of their in-app automatic super payments, SMS became the way to go. However, when looking for a stable and reliable API, SMS Central was the clear choice.

Xero - Beautiful Accounting Software

Who are they?

Xero is beautiful online accounting software designed for small business owners and their accountants. Xero is listed on the Australian (ASX) and New Zealand (NZX) Stock Exchanges and is a fast growing company with teams in Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, San Francisco & the UK.

To address the Australian market, in 2011 Xero acquired online payroll system Paycycle and has integrated payroll functionality into the Australian edition.

The Situation

To ensure customers experience the best payroll solution in the market, the payroll development team considered the inclusion of automated payment functionality using an authentic SMS authorisation code.

In the beta testing stage with another SMS provider, things turned a little pear shaped when the API began failing unexpectedly resulting in messages not reaching their destination. This put the release of the payroll integration into the main Xero application at risk.

The Solution

Paycycle co-founder Stuart McLeod, now VP Global Payroll Operations at Xero, contacted us immediately to see if we could come to the rescue. We hooked our Customer Care team up with the payroll development team and by the close of the same day, our API was up and running ensuring a positive outcome for the beta testing period.

The Result

Xero released their new automated superannuation feature on time! The API with SMS Central worked seamlessly delivering every single SMS to the intended recipient. This unique piece of functionality resulted in Xero consolidating their leadership position in online payroll innovation. Automatic Superannuation Payments are a feature in Xero’s Large plan.

Think this kind of security layer would help your software as a service too? Or thinking of something completely different?

No matter what your SMS idea is, we’ll help you get it off the ground. Check out different SMS Uses, or call us on 1300 971 083.

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