Why use our API?

It's fast

Our throughput level is 200 SMS per second, ideal if you are in need of on-time delivery.

It can handle larger volumes

With most APIs, you send 1 SMS per request. With SMS Central, you can send 100 SMS per request.

For SaaS

Integrate with SMS Central, look like a rockstar with your customers. You put the looks, we provide the engine so your users can send and receive from your application.

Manage multi-media campaigns

If you are collecting contacts information in one URL from different sources, you can redirect your inbound SMS to the same spot.

Keep using your system

If you have an application that does all the comms, simple integrate with SMS Central, we'll do the messaging in the "background", and you can keep managing everything from one spot.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to connect. You only pay for the messages that you send or any dedicated numbers you might want.

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