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Same same. But different.

No matter how you use it, SMS will always deliver.

From marketing campaigns, to operational use or internal efficiencies, SMS can be used in whichever way works best for your business.
Learn how your industry uses and maximises the power of SMS.

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Software & SaaS

Are you building an amazing software and would like to send and receive SMS? Don't waste time building an SMS gateway, simply learn the different ways in which you can integrate!


There are a number of ways in which SMS is used in Education, from communicating with students, to managing lecturers and engaging with the community.

Enterprise & Government

With Australian based servers, high levels of redundancy and compliant with the latest Privacy Act, you'll find SMS Central can help you increase efficiencies as well as reduce operational costs.

Health & Beauty

Besides the classic appointment reminders, you can notify your patients (and clients!) of yearly checks or clinic closures, as well as send them VIP promotions.


From marketing to VIPs, to increasing foot traffic and letting your customers know about seasonal specials, SMS has proven to be an amazing channel with unbeaten ROI.

Not for Profit

Engage the community, raise awareness and increase donations: learn how SMS can help you be in control of your charity or organisation.


M2M has changed the way we manage efficiencies, and SMS can be a way to notify customers of outages, remind them of overdue bills or even attract with seasonal offers.


Delivery confirmations, tracking alerts and notifications as well as internal fleet communications are just a number of ways in which Transport uses SMS.

Financial Services

Whether you are an accountant, small business owner, or work in the industry, you'll recognise the importance of debt collection & security of online payments. Are you aware of the role SMS plays!

Learn what they have to say

Check out the case studies of some of our clients and learn how they are using SMS and why they love SMS Central.

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