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Reduce No Shows by 80%

Appointment reminders translate into a profitable practice!

A small investment in appointment reminders can come a long way in helping you decrease the number of patients who don't show up. SMS Central can help you turn a simple SMS reminder into a profitable practice!

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Higher efficiency

Automation, scheduling, integration... All these features available with SMS Central will help you reduce the cost and time spent on admin tasks.

Increase frequency

Reminding clients of yearly checkups can help them stay on top of their health, and can help you by increasing their loyalty to your practice.

Status updates

Let your customers know of changes in your practice's opening schedule or holiday season hours in a manner they cannot miss.

VIP communications

Every salon has VIP customers! Why not offer them special promos to feel loved and pampered?

Why choose SMS Central

Reliable. Easy. Awesome.

With hundreds of practices running appointment reminders with SMS Central, we specialise in what makes or break your efficiencies: reliable messaging, easy to use web portal and amazing automation of tasks.

Group & Segment Patients

Break your database down into groups by gender, location or any other clusters... Then send targeted offers with higher redemption!

Personalise your message

Make the message personal! 'Hi Chris, remember your appointment with Dr. Who on 5/08 at 4pm. Reply YES to confirm or NO to change.'

Automate 2 way comms

Depending on whether Chris replies YES or NO, you can trigger a different response automatically.

Forward replies to Email

You can set up a rule to automatically forward positive or negative (or both!) confirmations to your practice's email address.

Schedule reminders for a week

Allocate one hour on Monday morning and schedule your weekly sms appointment reminder to go out daily at whichever time suits your and your patients!

Dedicated Numbers

If you want your patients to remember you (or even save you in their list of contacts), you can rent a dedicated number to use exclusively for your practice's communications.

Awesome Reporting

Whether it's delivery stats, transactions & balances or account & user activities, we've got your reporting needs covered.

Integrated for Smarter Solutions

SMS Central + Your Practice Manager

We have partnered with most of Australia's leading practice management software companies to ensure your SMS communications are integrated across the board.

Drop us a line if you think yours is one of the lucky many -or if you would like to know more!-.

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