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SMS has become essential for business communications with the increased number of mobile devices. SMS Central’s Online SMS portal is designed to make it simple, fast and easy to send or receive SMS.
By simply logging into your SMS Central account you can manage your SMS campaigns 24/7, anywhere in the world.

  • Write, save, schedule, plan and send SMS messages.
  • Set-up unlimited contact groups with personalised fields.
  • Monitor and track SMS delivery status
  • Be amazed by the possibilities of our rules & triggers

Online SMS Portal

Beautiful. Easy. Powerful.

You won't believe all you can do with our online SMS engine. From sending & receiving SMS, to setting automatic replies, running detailed reports and managing contacts like never before. Try it once, you'll never look back!

Campaign vs Rapid

Send enormous marketing campaigns with our Campaign Wizard or shoot out a couple of messages with our Rapid SMS functionality.

Manage Contacts

Break your database down into groups by stores, gender, location,… Then you can send targeted sms group offers with higher conversion!

Powerful Reporting

Love data crunching? Set scheduled reports to be delivered to you automatically and filter them in infinite ways.

Rules & Triggers

"When receiving messages containing the word 'YES', send an autoreply". Unleash the power of our legendary rules & triggers engine.

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