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Developed with developers in mind.

You create the apps. We deliver the SMS.

Our API solutions make reaching new and existing customers easier than ever. SMS Central’s API allows you not only to send and receive SMS effortlessly, but also to create subaccounts, users and check your account’s balance. With API more powerful and advanced than others available on the market, SMS Central has become the go-to provider of APIs for the top players in the business.

Rest API

Send SMS, receive them (real-time or on-demand), get your delivery receipts or check your account balance. Amazing what some lines of code can let you do! Download the Rest API reference in pdf.

I don't speak code

If you have no idea what an API or HTTP request is, don't fret! If you don't speak code, here's a quick guide (in English!) to help you understand what our API can do for your business!

Why use our SMS API

Integrate. Command. Deliver.

You can build software that uses SMS, and you can integrate with our SMS API to send and receive text messages through your application. While most other APIs only allow you to send 1 SMS per request, with our powerful system you can send up to 100. Our SMS API will let you do wonders (well, SMS wonders!).

Send SMS

You can send an SMS campaign or trigger SMS messages to be sent according to your rules and triggers. You can also schedule SMS blasts.

Receive SMS

Whether you are expect replies to an SMS campaign you sent, or you are running an inbound SMS campaign, you can choose to receive SMS in Real Time or On Demand.

Receive Delivery Receipts

When you send an SMS and the carrier delivers it to the handset, SMS Central receives a Delivery Receipt (DLR). If the message failed, you can set up retry logic to keep sending the messages after they've failed.

Check Delivery Status

Our API allows you to check whether a specific SMS was delivered successfully or not, either with the recipient's mobile number or the message's reference value.

Check SMS balance

Afraid you are running low on juice? Our SMS API lets your retrieve your account's balance to see how much money you have left and top up if necessary.

Create subaccounts

SMS Central partners can integrate to trigger the automatic creation of subaccounts. ie, as soon as your users create an account with you, they automagically create an account with SMS Central.

Create users

If you are an SMS Central partner, you can not only create users via our API, but you can assign them to as many accounts as you want within your account's hierarchy.

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