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Use our SMS gateway to send and receive SMS via your app.

Instead of forcing your users to login to different systems, or building an SMS software, integrate with our SMS API and enable sending and receiving SMS directly through your system. It will also allow you to create accounts and users in mass, retrieve account balances and more.

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Greater Differentiation

Set yourself apart from the rest of the industry and offer SMS via your software. You can integrate as much or as little as you want!

Additional Revenue

You can decide to include SMS in your subscription fee, or we can create dedicated SMS packages for your customers. Let's work out together what makes more business sense to you.

Improved Communications

You can also allow for notifications and alerts to be sent within your own system, as well as use SMS for two-factor authentication.

Why choose SMS Central

Reliable. Fast. Simple.

Built with you in mind, our SMS API is super easy to understand and implement. Readily available, just create an account, connect and start sending!

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Send personalised SMS

Either provide a template message, or allow your customers flexibility, they can still use personalisation like first name or custom fields.

Receive DLR

Ensure your system is sending correctly by retrieving SMS delivery receipts free of charge.

Create Accounts & Users

Upon integration, create accounts and users en mass. You can also make sure that every account created on your side has an account created in SMS Central.

Dedicated Numbers

Create a dedicated pool of numbers exclusive to your software customers.

Forward replies to URL

Have all replies sent to your user's campaigns sent directly to your own SaaS. If you manage a desktop system, you can forward all inbound SMS to your users' email addresses.

Automate 2 way comms

Depending on the replies you receive, you can trigger a different response automatically.

Awesome Reporting

Whether it's delivery stats, transactions & balances or account & user activities, we've got your (and your customers') reporting needs covered.

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