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SMS Central’s 99.95% uptime guarantee

SMS Central has extremely high standards when it comes to the reliability and connectivity of our Services. We exist to deliver your messages whenever and wherever you need; we stand by our ability to deliver this promise. We are committed to providing superior network performance and the highest quality of care for our clients.

SMS Central consciously does not offer a 100% uptime guarantee. It would take a catastrophic event to remove both our geographically spread Australian data-centres AND disconnect all of our redundant messaging gateways, but in this crazy world with devastating fires one minute and then as equally devastating floods the next there is the slimmest of slim chances things can go wrong.

To provide 99.95% uptime, we have implemented the following procedures to ensure our services are always available when you need them:

  1. Fully redundant Australian geographically spread data centers to ensure service reliability and uptime;
  2. Connections to all Australia Carriers as well as independent 3rd party partner connections. With multiple secondary gateways; no matter what your business requirements we will get your message through;
  3. . Automatic failover gateway routing and dynamic switching to ensure all your messages are delivered no matter what’s happening around you;
  4. 24/7/365 live heart beat monitoring of all messaging queues and gateways to make sure that once we receive your request to send messages, we process them instantly and without delay;
  5. Complete load balancing of all services ensuring that no matter how many messages we are delivering, your messages are treated like our only ones; and
  6. Continual Latency testing and monitoring of all of our systems and infrastructure;

We honestly and comfortably believe you won’t have any issues with inconsistent outages or experience access problems with SMS Central. That’s our promise to you!

Our Service Level Agreement

1. Service Levels

Service Availability is defined as the percentage of time each service is available to You during the course of a 12 month period.

The Service Availability is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

Availability (%) = [Uptime Minutes / (Total Minutes – Planned Downtime Minutes)] x 100

Service Availability is determined through the SMS Central fault ticketing system.

This system logs faults and issues fault tickets when a client notifies SMS Central of the fault or when the fault has been identified and reported by SMS Central.

Parameter Target Level Applicable Services
Service Availability 99.95% Access to SMS Central infrastructure and services.

2. Service Failure

1. Should SMS Central fail to provide our services as detailed here you must report the failure directly to SMS Central.

2. As soon as we receive any reported failure from you we will perform an initial investigation and respond to you with our findings:

  • advising whether or not we can identify a failure resulting from SMS Central’s Systems or platform; and
  • if the failure is found to be within SMS Central’s System or platform we will advise of the severity of the failure and the time estimated to rectify it.

3. SMS Central will use all reasonable measures to rectify any failure in accordance with our failure correction times as set out below under “Priority”.

4. A failure will only be considered rectified once we determine that the failure has been fixed and we have let you know.

5. If we determine that a failure has occurred because of the Network Operator failing to send or receive SMS and MMS messages, we will work with the relevant Network Operator to endeavor to correct any problems encountered by their platform.

3. Reporting a failure


During business hours

Phone 1300 971 093 OR Email

During high support times if we are unable to answer your calls directly and you are required to leave a message with our answering service, we promise to return your phone call as a matter of priority.

Premium partners are provided with our direct after hours support line. No matter what the time we will provide you with a personal response to all telephone queries and instant investigation of all issues.

When reporting a fault please make sure you have and can provide the following information available where applicable:

  • Type of Service
  • End-point URL or IP address
  • Contact Name and Number (so we can call you back)
  • Details of faults



In the event of a fault report, SMS Central will communicate with the Client as follows:

  1. Receive Fault: by telephone and/or acknowledged email from You. Fault Ticket is assigned. The email should specify the classification and detail as much of the issue as is known. SMS Central reserves the right to re-classify the issue on investigation. SMS Central will provide a Fault Ticket reference number on request.
  2. Response: by email and/or telephone within appropriate Response Time.
  3. Progress Advice: by email within appropriate Restoration Time.
  4. Restoration Confirmed: SMS Central will contact the Client by email and /or telephone upon restoring service to confirm that the service is operating satisfactorily.

Response and Restoration Targets

Response Time is the length of time, to nearest 15 minutes:
Which begins when SMS Central logs a fault call from You, or when SMS Central active monitoring and incident reporting identifies a fault; and ends when SMS Central provides a status advice to You with an indication of the nature of the fault and estimated time to restore service.

Restoration Time is the length of time, to the nearest 15 minutes:
Which begins when SMS Central logs a fault call from You, or when SMS Central active monitoring and incident reporting identifies a fault; and ends when SMS Central determines that Services have been restored.


High priority is any prolonged event where SMS Central’s infrastructure is found to be inaccessible by You. You’re unable to connect to our service and your message are not being received and delivered to the Carriers within reasonable timeframes.

Low priority is any event which cause operational problems but has no significant impact on your Service and/or performance and you can access SMS Central’s services

Business Hours Support

Priority Response time* Restoration time*
High 15 min 2 hrs
Low 60 min 8 hrs

*where restoration is not possible within Target time due to third party constrains, updates and the new estimated restoration time and/or remediation actions will be escalated to You.

4. Maintenance (we put on our overalls and get into our applications)

SMS Central will use best efforts to provide 36 hours written notification of any scheduled or planned service outage (Planned Service Outages) if you are likely to be affected.

Where practicable, Planned Service Outages will occur between 10pm and 6am, Australian Eastern Standard Time. The process for notifying Clients of Planned Service Outages will be as follows:

  1. SMS Central may plan a service outage to conduct necessary maintenance and upgrade to its platform. Planned Service Outages may also originate from 3rd party carriers who are providing services to SMS Central.
  2. SMS Central will notify You (if affected) by e-mail. The e-mail will include the details of the Planned Service Outage.

In circumstances where an emergency service interruption is required, SMS Central reserves the right to undertake the service interruption without notice.

In such cases SMS Central will use its best effort to notify You by email and/or SMS and or phonecall prior to any service interruption.

5. Changes from time to time

SMS Central reserve the right to change or alter this service level from time to time, providing written notice is given to You.

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