SMS Marketing

Why SMS Marketing?

Promotions & Engagements. To and from any mobile phone.

With over 90% read rate and a delivery ensured to reach your customers' handsets instantly, your marketing campaigns could be unleashed with the power of SMS.

Ask us how!

Build Loyalty

Let your customers know you care by saying Hi (and including a redeemable gift?) with an SMS on important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.

Increase Frequency

Give your customers a reason to keep choosing your brand by sending them exclusive SMS coupons on a weekly or monthly basis.

Raise awareness

Got an upcoming event or a new product or service just launched? Let your customers know about it!

Ideas on How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively

SMS Competitions

Embed your mobile call-to-action into any of your existing traditional marketing materials (print, billboards) and let your customers send an SMS for a chance to win.

Targeted specials

Cluster your database by location and alert your customers when specials or promotions near their location are available.

Members Management

Identify your loyal consumers or VIPs and send them exclusive offers. Have you also considered SMS reminders when their membership is about to expire?

Gather feedback

Shift from broadcasts to conversations and get feedback with SMS surveys with simple replies… for free.

SMS Marketing Features & Benefits

Targets & Segments

Break your database down into groups by gender, location or any other clusters... Then send targeted offers with higher redemption!

Personalise your message

Leverage SMS intimacy and make the message personal: 'Hi Larissa, today our Django range is 20% off for you!'

Manage multiple campaigns

Create as many subaccounts as brands or clients you have, allocate SMS credits or set volume limits: you decide how much you control.

Manage Opt Outs

'To opt-out reply STOP'. With our powerful rules, add flexibility with trigger keywords and we'll make sure your unsubscribed list is kept up to date while your SMS marketing campaign is 100% compliant.

Automatic Replies

Set rules for automatic (different) replies to any inbound SMS, depending on the number it was sent to, from, a keyword it contains or a phrase it does not.

Dedicated Numbers

Whether it's a shortcode or a longcode, with 2, 3, 4 or 5 sequential and/or identical characters, we've got your SMS marketing campaign covered.

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