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SMS Central | Email to SMS

Send email, deliver SMS

Broadcast your message from any email capable device.

For a really simple solution that can be used by any member of your team, we recommend Email to SMS. Email is the worldwide way for business communications and with SMS Central your business can use it, experiencing the benefits of SMS delivery.

By changing your marketing message from email to SMS you alter the platform for engagement. Email is a recipient-driven medium. With SMS, the delivery of the message is instant, open rate is huge and the response is typically as fast.

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Client agnostic

You can send an Email to SMS from any email capable device (desktops to smartphones) and any email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Bigpond,… you name it!).

Manage Senders

You can allow your entire company or a particular individual’s email address to send Email to SMS to your database.

SMS replies in your inbox

Set your own rules for how you receive SMS replies from your customers to your email inbox… for free!

Cap E2SMS length

Make sure your long and super legal email signature is not included in your SMS by entering ---ENDSMS--- at the end of your message. All text after that will be ignored.

SMS Central - Email to SMS

How does it work?

Validate your address, compose the message and click send!

Register your email address in SMS Central's web SMS portal, upload your database of contacts and you are ready to start sending SMS from any email-capable device, whether it be a desktop computer or a smartphone.

With 2 way SMS handling, responses can be received and managed in your inbox. For  sophisticated users, you can create a rules and triggers to forward replies to your own private URL.

And just in case you were wondering: No. No software downloads are needed!

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SMS Central | SMS Email options

Send SMS from Outlook

Seamless Outlook Integration

Your SMS Central account can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook integration offers a variety of other features such as:

  • Send SMS to Outlook contacts
  • Manage SMS messages just like emails – Save drafts, sent items, etc.
  • Push calendar reminders via SMS
  • Forward emails via SMS
  • Auto redirect for important messages, reminders & next day calendar

There is no software installation required and the configuration is very simple.

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