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Connect with our SMS gateway. We'll deliver the message.

Our SMS API Gateway can simply be integrated into an existing CRM, E-Commerce or other business applications/software. We work hard to ensure that any developer looking for a fast integration can do so reliably and simply.

Once integrated with one of your applications, the application can send and receive texts effortlessly and securely via our SMS gateway. From SMS blasts to individual SMS notifications, sending SMS has never been easier!

SMS blasts

Looking to send out SMS campaigns to your database? Text messages are a great way to send out marketing messages and large broadcasts and our SMS API makes it super easy to send hundreds of individual messages at once!

Notifications & SMS Reminders

Remind customers of an appointment, alert staff of a change in roster or notify your clients when an invoice is overdue. You can do all of these super awesome stuff with our API. Download the guide.

Security measures

Linking a mobile number with an account during signup allows you to verify your users are real humans. You can also add an extra layer of security by sending temporary SMS passwords to your users' phones.

Why use our SMS Gateway

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

With our throughput reaching over 300 SMS per second, you can be assured your messages will be delivered via our API / SMS Gateway! Our Simple, Powerful and Reliable SMS API Gateway is one you can trust.

Allow for easy campaign monitoring, API connection management, reporting, and online payments with our SMS Gateway

Choose our easy-to-use SMS API Gateway to seamlessly integrate text messaging with your existing business systems and applications Today!

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