SMS Uses


From appointments to meeting reminders, increase efficiency by decreasing no show rates!

Increase frequency

Give your customers a reason to keep choosing your brand or your store by sending them exclusive SMS coupons they can redeem.

Gather feedback

Change from broadcasts to conversations, by allowing your customers to get back to you via an SMS reply… for free!

Build Loyalty

Let your patrons know you care by sending them special offers via SMS on important dates like birthdays, engagements, etc.

Boost Foot Traffic

Cluster your shoppers by location and alert them when exclusive promotions are available at their nearby store.

Seasonal Specials

St. Valentine’s, Father & Mother Days, Christmas… make the most out of these dates by notifying your customers when season specials are up!

Members Exclusives

Identify your loyal consumers and offer them exclusive members’ offers with calls to action that will resonate with their likes. They’ll love you for it!


Embed your mobile call-to-action into any of your existing marketing materials and let your customers send an SMS for a chance to win.

Online Payments

Being one of the most innovative sms uses, you can add an extra layer of security to your online payment process by including an authorisation PIN your customers will receive via SMS.

Manage Rosters

Sync your payroll and roster systems with our API and send out SMS notifications when a new shift is available or an extra staff member is needed.


When time-sensitive notifications are imperative, send an SMS alert to your customers or suppliers with warnings or changes in the status of a product or service delivery.

Debt Collection

One day after the due invoice date, send an SMS to your customers reminding them of their outstanding payments. You can even customise the SMS to show outstanding amounts.

Service Notifications

Let your customers know when their product is ready for pick up or your service is up and running after an outage.

Renew Memberships

Send SMS reminders to your members when their membership is about to expire.

Engaged Community

Show you listen by allowing your community to vote via SMS for programs, events and other services they want more of.

Raise Awareness

Let your staff or customers know about upcoming events or when a service becomes available.

Outage Notifications

Notify your customers about unexpected outages, and send them estimated resolution times.

Events Follow Up

Notify attendees about changes of time, place or particular details of the event they RSVP to attend.

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