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Ok so, here at SMS Central we love having fun, because, well, it’s fun, but we’re going to get a little serious just for one blog, because how you use SMS can make or break your relationship with your database, and that friends, is not fun.

Here are our 4 tips for best practice SMS usage. Follow these and keep your database happy.

1. It’s about relationships

You are delivering a message straight to your customer’s phone. It’s like calling them, but way, way easier. If you had to speak to them, would you shout ‘GET 50% OFF TODAY ONLY’ down the line then hang up? No? Didn’t think so. Why not try starting with a ‘hello’, ‘hey’ or ‘yo’?

You’re not marketing AT someone, you’re talking to them. Word your SMS accordingly.

2. Get personal

‘Hey’ is a great place to start, but if you can use your customers name, even better. Think about when you receive an email or snail mail. If it’s addresses you by name, it makes much more of an impact.

You can even relate the text to recent contact you’ve had with your customer, for example:

‘Hey Megan, hope you’re enjoying your new haircut. Just letting you know you can get a ½ price fringe trim for the next month to keep it looking perfect! Hairdresser, Phone.'

3. What and When

Timing is everything. More than any other form of advertising, SMS advertising has the ability to reach your customers at specific times. If you’re a restaurant, sending out a great special to your database around 5pm is a great incentive for them to avoid the supermarket on their way home.

4. ‘STOP’

Congratulations, you’ve made it to point 4! Lucky for you, because this is the most important point, and one that absolutely everyone should be doing. It is giving your database the option to ‘opt out’.

At the end of each message you send to your database, simply add: ‘reply STOP to unsubscribe.’ Easy huh?

It’s actually a legal requirement, so there’s no getting round it. If you want a gold star in good customer relationships, when someone sends you a ‘STOP’ message, reply with a confirmation:

‘Just letting you know we have removed your number from our SMS database. You will receive no more communication from ABC Business.’

There you go, all done! That wasn’t too painful was it? Just remember, treat your customers as you’d like to be treated and give them an option to opt-out. Easy right?

If you want to keep feeling all warm and fuzzy about SMS, why not check out this three minute vid showcasing a unique way SMS was used in the US to raise money for charity. Talk about best practice!

As always, if you want more information, the SMS Central team are bursting at the seams to talk to you.

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