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Dedicated SMS Numbers: the dilemma you shouldn’t have

To have a dedicated longcode or not to have a dedicated longcode? That's NOT the question!!!!

In case you have no idea what this post is about, a dedicated longcode is a mobile number assigned to you, and you exclusively.

Dedicated SMS numbers and longcodes - SMS Central.

To send and receive SMS you can sometimes use shared numbers, which basically means you and hundred of other companies are using the same number at the same time.

Why is this NOT GOOD and why do we recommend you go with a dedicated SMS number?

5 ways to use SMS in events

So you have a big event coming up, and you want to make sure not only that the most amount of people show up, but also that you engage with your attendees appropriately... We wonder, have you considered web SMS for your events?

Web SMS for Events

From inviting your database, to reminding your registered attendees of the upcoming event or and engaging with them during the big day... SMS has heaps to offer!

Event invite

If you already have a database, you can invite all of your contacts to register to your event via SMS by including a URL of your online form. You can also ask them to reply YES or NO to RSVP directly to the event.

Registration authentication (+database!)

When they are signing up to your event, you can request their SMS. This not also can send them a PIN to enable multi factor authentication, but also allows you to build a database of people attending the event. Which brings me to the next point.

Event Reminder(s)

SMS reminders work REALLY well (usually up the attendance rate anywhere from 50% to 80%). Usually best if sent 24-48 hours PRIOR to the event. So if I were you I would send it the morning of the day before (around 10am?), not on the day (that might be a bit too late).


Once you have the full list of all attendees, and the event is on, you can start engaging! From parking details, to session changes and lunch locations, SMS away anything else you need them to know right away... if your event is outdoors and it's sunny, you can also remind them to use sunscreen!

web sms in events

Remind your attendees to wear sunscreen!


You can also run competitions (and, again, build your database). Attendees can message in a keyword, and you can send tailored and personalised auto replies; you can also assign them to different groups depending on the keyword they messaged in... the sky is the limit!

Are you planning on using web SMS on your next event?

Should I use Web SMS, SMS API or Email to SMS?

Web SMS, SMS API or Email to SMS? SMS Central This post shows a quick summary on the main uses and benefits of Web SMS Portal, SMS API and Email to SMS.

Learn who uses each of these products, how they do so and then decide which one is best for you.

Online SMS & Education: teachers, students or all?

A number of schools & universities are starting to use SMS as a means to effectively communicate with and reach their communities.

It's obvious that, as an institution, you'd think that the main (and only?) way to use online SMS would be to remind students about events. Well, think again!

Online SMS & Education: teachers, students or all? SMS Central


Here are a number of other ways in which SMS are used in Education, from communicating with students, to managing lecturers and engaging with the community.


Today, reforms to the Australian Privacy Act, a set of 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that apply to the handling of personal information, take effect.

'Privacy' by unique377

'Privacy' by unique377

We have updated our privacy policy to reflect these reforms (although most of it was already covered) and outlined what has changed.

How an SMS gateway integration could reduce your SaaS churn!

If you own a SaaS business, you know that one of your biggest (if not the biggest) enemy is churn rate. If churn is not managed properly, it could result in lost revenue (or worse, the business experiencing negative revenue growth).

Image from Churn Rate 101.

Image from Churn Rate 101.

Since SaaS encompasses so many different types of businesses, the target market is phenomenally huge and diverse. For Software as a Service companies that target non-techy peeps, throwing an SMS Gateway into the mix would stir the ‘non frequent’ email and internet users to life, in a multi-pronged approach.

Case Study: Paycycle

Our team love working with innovative businesses, which is why we were super excited to join forces with Australian online payroll company Paycycle to come up with a secure, reliable authorisation system for their automatic payments.

Who they are:

Paycycle is an online payroll system that allows Australian Small businesses to do their payroll anytime, anywhere. Even at the beach. The company thrives in delivering solutions that will save business owners time and money when it comes to payroll processing, so they can spend less time in admin tasks, and more time running their business.

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