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To have a dedicated longcode or not to have a dedicated longcode? That’s NOT the question!!!! In case you have no idea what this post is about, a dedicated longcode is a mobile number assigned to you, and you exclusively. To send and receive SMS you can sometimes use shared numbers, which basically means you and […]


If you own a SaaS business, you know that one of your biggest (if not the biggest) enemy is churn rate. If churn is not managed properly, it could result in lost revenue (or worse, the business experiencing negative revenue growth). Since SaaS encompasses so many different types of businesses, the target market is phenomenally […]

Case Study: Paycycle

Our team love working with innovative businesses, which is why we were super excited to join forces with Australian online payroll company Paycycle to come up with a secure, reliable authorisation system for their automatic payments. Who they are: Paycycle is an online payroll system that allows Australian Small businesses to do their payroll anytime, anywhere. […]

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