Dedicated SMS Numbers: the dilemma you shouldn’t have

To have a dedicated longcode or not to have a dedicated longcode? That's NOT the question!!!!

In case you have no idea what this post is about, a dedicated longcode is a mobile number assigned to you, and you exclusively.

Dedicated SMS numbers and longcodes - SMS Central.

To send and receive SMS you can sometimes use shared numbers, which basically means you and hundred of other companies are using the same number at the same time.

Why is this NOT GOOD and why do we recommend you go with a dedicated SMS number?

Avoid confusion

If you are sending a VIP offer via SMS, do you want your customer to "scroll up" that number and see that a couple of days before he also received from the same number a doctor's appointment reminder, an outstanding  bill reminder and an invite to a party?

A dedicated number ensures your message is not confused or mixed up as coming from other companies.

Increase brand awareness & engagement

By owning a mobile number all your SMS comms can come from the same place; your customers can save the number as your brand; and you have inadvertently enabled 2-way communications -remember that if you send from a Sender Name, your recipients cannot reply to the SMS-.

Allow inbound-only campaigns

Which basically lets you use your dedicated longcode to build your database via data gathering, run competitions, or even advertise it on your current marketing channels.

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