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Happy Halloween!

A makeup artist dropped by and we all ended up hurt, zombified or dead. From every zombie and dead person here at SMS Central, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🙂

SMS Central Agus
SMS Central Petros SMS Central Igor SMS Central Charlene

SMS Central Courtney

Introducing: Web SMS Guides

It's been a long process in the making, but today we introduce our Resources page!

This new section in our website will portray different infographics, whitepapers and useful PDFs in case you want to learn more about the benefits of using web SMS in your communications.

These are NOT articles on how to use SMS Central (for that you have our thorough online support centre), but more resources that will show you different ways in which you can use web SMS in your business, infographics with mobile facts and whitepapers that go in depth in topics that we are interested in (yeah, mostly growing businesses and mobile comms).

We'll be posting regularly new content, but to kick off we are starting with a pretty cool infographic and our first whitepaper.

Web SMS Infographic and Web SMS Guides

To download either, simply go to Resources, select the guide and then click on download (it will ask for your email, to help us keep track, and that's it!).

Hope you enjoy them, let us know your thoughts and if you'd like us to cover any specific subject!

SMS Central unaffected by Heartbleed bug

Recently, a bug in the most popular software for encrypting web sites was exposed (it has existed for a couple of years!). It is known as the Heartbleed bug and it's so big, bad and important it's got its own website.

Why didn't heartbleed affect SMS Central?

Long story short, this bug made encrypted data like passwords vulnerable. In other words, your passwords may already have been leaked so it is definitely recommended that you go ahead and change them everywhere.

Good news is, SMS Central has not been exposed to it. We use a version of the encryption software that is not vulnerable to this bug. Therefore NONE OF YOUR PASSWORDS OR INFORMATION HAS BEEN LEAKED.

An incident like this is a good reminder that you need to regularly change your passwords. We recommend you go ahead and change your security keys & passwords in other websites you might use. If you want a list of websites that have been scanned for vulnerability, here's a list that gets often or here's Mashable's take on which passwords you should mostdef change.

Watch out for email scam!

We need to encourage you to be more vigilant with your SMS Central account details following a scam or “phishing” email being circulated.

Today we were made aware of an email scam being circulated, claiming to be from SMS Central. This email phishing scam included a request for people to update their SMS Central account details.

Email Scam

The fact is that these emails look authentic and include SMS Central logos, refer to actual SMS Central products or include believable email addresses.

A New SMS Central

SMS Central Logo

I’m very pleased to announce SMS Central’s new look & feel.

During 2012, we've been thinking and thinking (and re-thinking 10 more times!) ways in which we could make your business life easier (well…the small portion of it that we touch).

Besides upping the service reliability and speed in our current platform, we took it upon ourselves to shake things up in the world of SMS. We’ve decided to raise the bar.

In what sense?

SMS Central ranks #7 in Deloitte TechFast50

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia 2012 recognises fast growing technology companies from different sectors.
The program, which is now a decade old in Australia, ranks the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies, based on percentage revenue growth over three years (in this case, from 2010 to 2012).

This one will be going to our shelves!

We are very happy (nah, actually, we are STOKED!!!!) to announce SMS Central was ranked #7, the highest ranked company in the Communications sector.

Ranked 12 in SmartCompany’s #Smart50

Since it's been three years that SMS Central has been operating under David's direction, we were able to nominate SMS Central for SmartCompany's #Smart50... imagine when we learnt we had made the cut!

David, Igor & Petros at SmartCompany's #SMART50 2012 awards event.

Yesterday night the 50 winners, and their ranks, were announced in an event held in Melbourne's CBD.

Updated Service Level

Today we raised the bar in our commitment to delivering the best service possible to you.

You might not be aware of this, but our Tech team works really hard on a daily basis to improve our platform. This could be in the form of a new feature, or as a "back end" improvement (the magic that happens behind the scenes that makes the portal and gateway work).

SMS Central acquires Blue Central Mobility

It is with great excitement that today I officially announce the acquisition of Australian tier 1 messaging aggregator, Blue Central Mobility (BCM) by SMS Central.

Why BCM and why now?

In the last 2 years, since the original acquisition of SMS Central by Domenic Carosa and myself in December 2009, our team has worked tirelessly to deliver the industry leading messaging applications, customer care and reliability you have become accustomed to. SMS Central has consolidated its position in the Australian mobile messaging and mobile payment industry, on the back of our unrelenting vision of continuing to deliver the simplest and most transparent experience you could ask for in a messaging partner.

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