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3 reasons to use Web SMS personalisation

We've been getting a number of peeps asking us whether they should use personalised fields in their SMS campaigns. Our answer is always the same: why wouldn't you?

Personalising marketing content has proven to increase conversion and engagement amongst audiences.

Why personalise your Web SMS campaigns?

Wanna learn more?

Release for Export

We are not going global or anything like that. But in this week's release you'll find many features you've been requesting for a while, including exporting contacts, pool of numbers available for everyone and low balance notifications.

In this post I'll include the highlights, but if your want a full rundown check out the our Product Release Notes.

Exporting Contacts

Exporting contacts in our online SMS platformYou can now export contact groups from SMS Central online sms platform. You'll receive an email with a link to download the csv file. For more info check our online support centre.

Web SMS Portal – New features recap!

This new financial year has seen an unprecedented amount of new features and goodies delivered by our tech team. Here’s a brief list in case you missed our emails or release notes.

Manager Portal

If you are a reseller, a franchise, or anyone managing subaccounts, the Mighthy Web SMS Manager was released to make your life easier.

SMS Central Manager Portal -  Manage subaccounts and send SMS campaigns!

The Mighty Manager dashboard

You can allocate credit from and to the top account from any subaccount; set a maximum amount of SMS other accounts can send on a monthly basis (volume limit); a really cool new feat are default settings, speeding up the setup process of adding subaccounts by letting you set the standard for all new subbies; and lets not forget adding users and automatically assigning them to multiple accounts in one go!

API Reference – Special Characters

We've noticed that some messages have been sent via our API which contained characters that wouldn't get through the carriers and delivered to the phone. Unfortunately, in some cases these invalid characters were also causing some issues with our queueing system and were resulting in some messages getting stuck in the queue.

So we've decided to put through an update in our API, to let you know when you may have sent some messages with invalid characters, allowing you to update the message text on your side, rather than have the message fail.


It’s been some intense couple of months, but finally today we are able to ship the newest version of our customer portal.

The first stage of this massive deployment will be to allow all new customers and current customers with only one account to use the new version of our application. If you have sub-accounts, hang in there and keep your eyes peeled for early 2013, when we'll release a new and fresh way of managing your accounts.

SMS Central Dashboard

In this new version, the first thing you’ll notice is a clear change in the look and feel, and small (but what we deem GREAT!) improvements, like balance displayed in sms credits, faster loading tables, a simpler, step-by-step process to creating your campaign (same amount of options, just staged differently) and a stunning looking dashboard, to name a few.

The New Platform

We love our shiny new platform, and we think you will too!

It’s got some sweet features for small business, as well as the flexibility to suit the needs of larger organisations.
Here are just five of the reasons we think it rocks:

1. Receive replies to your inbox.
Set up your account so that when your database replies to your campaign, their messages go straight to your email inbox, or even to a URL or alternative email address- for free!

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