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Choosing An SMS API Gateway You Can Trust

SMS is a powerful and simple method of communication with a 97% open rate. Adding SMS messaging into your app, website, system or business software will improve business efficiencies and communication workflow immediately. Not only will communication improve but an SMS API will help manage time more effectively and cut business costs, allowing your users to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Our SMS API Gateway can simply be integrated into an existing CRM, E-Commerce or other business applications/Software. Send and receive messages effortlessly and securely via our SMS API gateway. From SMS blasts to individual SMS notifications this automated process is the perfect solution for any business communication needs. If you’re looking to send high volumes of text messages, SMS reminders/notifications, Two-way communication, marketing messages just to name a few, our SMS API Gateway is the perfect solution.

Our SMS API is developed with developers in mind and is based on a HTTPS Protocol to ensure secure and private messaging. Whether you're an independent developer or work for a large corporate, we're here to provide you with the right tools and the support you require. Our SMS gateway is robust, reliable, and easy-to-use.



Send a single or high volume of messages to your database with a single API request. With our throughput reaching over 300 SMS per second, you can be assured your messages will be delivered fast and securely!


Send text message replies and delivery notifications directly to your application. We’re capable of prioritising your sends depending on the sensitivity and speed of delivery (i.e. marketing versus appointment reminders)


Easily schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date or to reoccur after a certain time period.


Send messages to any network and receive replies back to your application (except if you’re using Alpha tags)


Track your sent messages and get a timely delivery report. You are able to send this to a dedicated URL and then forward it to your software/platform/User interface. You can check the exact time that each message is delivered to a handset or if it failed to deliver.


With our SMS API Gateway you can automatically create an SMS Central account for your end users (Trigger new accounts or sub-accounts.) You can also set rules for example - “When receiving messages containing the word ‘YES’, send an auto-reply”.


At SMS Central we offer a wide range of FREE API tools and fast integration into your existing app, website or business software.

IT’S FAST & Reliable

Safely send up to three simultaneous HTTP POSTs (via threading) to our API. This allows for a throughput of 300 SMS per second. Note however that carriers have throughput limitations which may be less than the throughput we make available, so messages may queue on our side as we send to the carriers at their maximum allowed rate.

You can also send in batches of up to 100 SMS per HTTP POST using our recipient messages parameter and a JSON data array.


Reach anyone in the world, our SMS API Gateway manages routes through reliable carriers making sure your message is delivered.


With most APIs, you send 1 SMS per request. With SMS Central, you can send 100 SMS per request.


Integrate with SM. You put the looks, we provide the engine so your users can send and receive from your very own application.


If you are collecting contact information in one URL from different sources, you can redirect your inbound SMS to the same spot.


If you have an application that prepares all of your communication you can easily integrate with SMS Central. We’ll deliver the SMS in the “background” while you keep managing everything from your own system.


There is no fee to connect, your business ONLY pays for the messages sent or any dedicated numbers your business may require


We provide a reliable service and our support team are always on hand to help with any queries. Phone and email support available.

SMS Central is working hard to ensure that any developer looking for a fast and easy-to-use SMS API gateway in their application software, site or system can do so reliably and simply. Our API’s can easily fit into any project- choose your preferred SMS API, be it .NET, Java or SMPP or View our API’s 

For more information on how you can start sending SMS through our easy-to-use SMS API and user friendly on-line interface contact us today Here or call 1300 971 083 .

5 ways to use SMS in events

So you have a big event coming up, and you want to make sure not only that the most amount of people show up, but also that you engage with your attendees appropriately... We wonder, have you considered web SMS for your events?

Web SMS for Events

From inviting your database, to reminding your registered attendees of the upcoming event or and engaging with them during the big day... SMS has heaps to offer!

Event invite

If you already have a database, you can invite all of your contacts to register to your event via SMS by including a URL of your online form. You can also ask them to reply YES or NO to RSVP directly to the event.

Registration authentication (+database!)

When they are signing up to your event, you can request their SMS. This not also can send them a PIN to enable multi factor authentication, but also allows you to build a database of people attending the event. Which brings me to the next point.

Event Reminder(s)

SMS reminders work REALLY well (usually up the attendance rate anywhere from 50% to 80%). Usually best if sent 24-48 hours PRIOR to the event. So if I were you I would send it the morning of the day before (around 10am?), not on the day (that might be a bit too late).


Once you have the full list of all attendees, and the event is on, you can start engaging! From parking details, to session changes and lunch locations, SMS away anything else you need them to know right away... if your event is outdoors and it's sunny, you can also remind them to use sunscreen!

web sms in events

Remind your attendees to wear sunscreen!


You can also run competitions (and, again, build your database). Attendees can message in a keyword, and you can send tailored and personalised auto replies; you can also assign them to different groups depending on the keyword they messaged in... the sky is the limit!

Are you planning on using web SMS on your next event?

3 benefits of automating your web SMS communications

Automating your SMS communications can not only save you heaps of time, but also ensure that you keep your target audience engaged.

One of the really cool features SMS Central's web sms portal has is the ability to create unlimited rules and triggers (R+T), which are the most powerful automation tool in the industry.

This video shows you how to set up some rules and triggers to manage inbound SMS.

Now why would you do that you ask?

automate internal processes

With R+T, you can determine what SMS get forwarded to an email address, a URL, what contact gets assigned to a group or unsubscribed, or which ones should automatically be marked as read. All of this can be triggered by keywords contained in the message. So for example, you can automatically unsubscribe anyone who replies STOP or fwd to an email if they reply NO to an appointment confirmation.

personalise your response, depending on the message

We've touched on Surveys on previous posts, so let's use them as an example. Imagine you run a survey and you go, "from 1 to 10, how would you rate your service". You can actually have different automated responses depending if they answer 1-3, 4-7 and 8-10.

If they answer 1-3, you might include a message saying "sorry to hear that, please let us know if we can call you" and forward that to a customer care representative; from 4-7 you can simply have an automated reply saying "Thanks for your feedback!"; whereas for your fans (8-10) you can engage further by asking them to tell you what did they love most (and again, have different responses trigger by different keywords).

This way, you can properly manage your Net Promoter/ Fan Base scores accordingly.


By triggering web SMS comms via inbound keywords, you are making sure your contacts remain engaged with your message. You know how the best customer support is the one that "always has the final 'word'" (as in, they make the last phone call or send the final email). It's the same with SMS; if your customers  are replying back, make sure you've always got a comeback up your sleeve!

Not all SMS are born equal

When I tell people I work for an SMS communication company, 99.9% of them would tell me "Oh! So you are the one that sends me discounts via SMS!"

And even though it's true online SMS is usually used to send limited-time or get-onto-it-now promotions, there are many other ways in which you can unleash the power of SMS communications within your business.

Online SMS uses - SMS Central

In this post we'll explore alternatives in which businesses can use SMS for enterprise & business solutions.

4 tips to get the most out of SMS reminders

SMS is the king of immediate, actionable messages. Not only do people get them in their mobiles, they read them straight away.

For businesses like beauty salons, medical practices and restaurants, sms reminders have proven to be a fantastic way of reminding customers of appointments or upcoming events, hence reducing no shows... which translates to more business, and therefore higher returns.

online sms reminders - sms central

Here are 4 tips to unleash the power of your SMS reminders.

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