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Case Study: Paycycle

Our team love working with innovative businesses, which is why we were super excited to join forces with Australian online payroll company Paycycle to come up with a secure, reliable authorisation system for their automatic payments.

Who they are:

Paycycle is an online payroll system that allows Australian Small businesses to do their payroll anytime, anywhere. Even at the beach. The company thrives in delivering solutions that will save business owners time and money when it comes to payroll processing, so they can spend less time in admin tasks, and more time running their business.

The New Platform

We love our shiny new platform, and we think you will too!

It’s got some sweet features for small business, as well as the flexibility to suit the needs of larger organisations.
Here are just five of the reasons we think it rocks:

1. Receive replies to your inbox.
Set up your account so that when your database replies to your campaign, their messages go straight to your email inbox, or even to a URL or alternative email address- for free!

Best Practice SMS

Ok so, here at SMS Central we love having fun, because, well, it’s fun, but we’re going to get a little serious just for one blog, because how you use SMS can make or break your relationship with your database, and that friends, is not fun.

Here are our 4 tips for best practice SMS usage. Follow these and keep your database happy.

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