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It’s been some intense couple of months, but finally today we are able to ship the newest version of our customer portal.

The first stage of this massive deployment will be to allow all new customers and current customers with only one account to use the new version of our application. If you have sub-accounts, hang in there and keep your eyes peeled for early 2013, when we'll release a new and fresh way of managing your accounts.

SMS Central Dashboard

In this new version, the first thing you’ll notice is a clear change in the look and feel, and small (but what we deem GREAT!) improvements, like balance displayed in sms credits, faster loading tables, a simpler, step-by-step process to creating your campaign (same amount of options, just staged differently) and a stunning looking dashboard, to name a few.

A New SMS Central

SMS Central Logo

I’m very pleased to announce SMS Central’s new look & feel.

During 2012, we've been thinking and thinking (and re-thinking 10 more times!) ways in which we could make your business life easier (well…the small portion of it that we touch).

Besides upping the service reliability and speed in our current platform, we took it upon ourselves to shake things up in the world of SMS. We’ve decided to raise the bar.

In what sense?

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