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Choosing An SMS API Gateway You Can Trust

SMS is a powerful and simple method of communication with a 97% open rate. Adding SMS messaging into your app, website, system or business software will improve business efficiencies and communication workflow immediately. Not only will communication improve but an SMS API will help manage time more effectively and cut business costs, allowing your users to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Our SMS API Gateway can simply be integrated into an existing CRM, E-Commerce or other business applications/Software. Send and receive messages effortlessly and securely via our SMS API gateway. From SMS blasts to individual SMS notifications this automated process is the perfect solution for any business communication needs. If you’re looking to send high volumes of text messages, SMS reminders/notifications, Two-way communication, marketing messages just to name a few, our SMS API Gateway is the perfect solution.

Our SMS API is developed with developers in mind and is based on a HTTPS Protocol to ensure secure and private messaging. Whether you're an independent developer or work for a large corporate, we're here to provide you with the right tools and the support you require. Our SMS gateway is robust, reliable, and easy-to-use.



Send a single or high volume of messages to your database with a single API request. With our throughput reaching over 300 SMS per second, you can be assured your messages will be delivered fast and securely!


Send text message replies and delivery notifications directly to your application. We’re capable of prioritising your sends depending on the sensitivity and speed of delivery (i.e. marketing versus appointment reminders)


Easily schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date or to reoccur after a certain time period.


Send messages to any network and receive replies back to your application (except if you’re using Alpha tags)


Track your sent messages and get a timely delivery report. You are able to send this to a dedicated URL and then forward it to your software/platform/User interface. You can check the exact time that each message is delivered to a handset or if it failed to deliver.


With our SMS API Gateway you can automatically create an SMS Central account for your end users (Trigger new accounts or sub-accounts.) You can also set rules for example - “When receiving messages containing the word ‘YES’, send an auto-reply”.


At SMS Central we offer a wide range of FREE API tools and fast integration into your existing app, website or business software.

IT’S FAST & Reliable

Safely send up to three simultaneous HTTP POSTs (via threading) to our API. This allows for a throughput of 300 SMS per second. Note however that carriers have throughput limitations which may be less than the throughput we make available, so messages may queue on our side as we send to the carriers at their maximum allowed rate.

You can also send in batches of up to 100 SMS per HTTP POST using our recipient messages parameter and a JSON data array.


Reach anyone in the world, our SMS API Gateway manages routes through reliable carriers making sure your message is delivered.


With most APIs, you send 1 SMS per request. With SMS Central, you can send 100 SMS per request.


Integrate with SM. You put the looks, we provide the engine so your users can send and receive from your very own application.


If you are collecting contact information in one URL from different sources, you can redirect your inbound SMS to the same spot.


If you have an application that prepares all of your communication you can easily integrate with SMS Central. We’ll deliver the SMS in the “background” while you keep managing everything from your own system.


There is no fee to connect, your business ONLY pays for the messages sent or any dedicated numbers your business may require


We provide a reliable service and our support team are always on hand to help with any queries. Phone and email support available.

SMS Central is working hard to ensure that any developer looking for a fast and easy-to-use SMS API gateway in their application software, site or system can do so reliably and simply. Our API’s can easily fit into any project- choose your preferred SMS API, be it .NET, Java or SMPP or View our API’s 

For more information on how you can start sending SMS through our easy-to-use SMS API and user friendly on-line interface contact us today Here or call 1300 971 083 .

One SMS batch at a time

You know SMS has a read rate of over 90%. And that users respond to SMS calls to action within 5 minutes of receiving the SMS (yeah, "it's instant" is one of the reasons you and I love SMS communications!).

Therefore, one of the really good problems you might have if you run a very successful SMS marketing campaign is that the response collapses your call centre, website or email inbox.

And here's where sending your SMS campaign in batches can make or break its success.

Batch sending - SMS Marketing with SMS Central

SMS Central unaffected by Heartbleed bug

Recently, a bug in the most popular software for encrypting web sites was exposed (it has existed for a couple of years!). It is known as the Heartbleed bug and it's so big, bad and important it's got its own website.

Why didn't heartbleed affect SMS Central?

Long story short, this bug made encrypted data like passwords vulnerable. In other words, your passwords may already have been leaked so it is definitely recommended that you go ahead and change them everywhere.

Good news is, SMS Central has not been exposed to it. We use a version of the encryption software that is not vulnerable to this bug. Therefore NONE OF YOUR PASSWORDS OR INFORMATION HAS BEEN LEAKED.

An incident like this is a good reminder that you need to regularly change your passwords. We recommend you go ahead and change your security keys & passwords in other websites you might use. If you want a list of websites that have been scanned for vulnerability, here's a list that gets often or here's Mashable's take on which passwords you should mostdef change.


Today, reforms to the Australian Privacy Act, a set of 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that apply to the handling of personal information, take effect.

'Privacy' by unique377

'Privacy' by unique377

We have updated our privacy policy to reflect these reforms (although most of it was already covered) and outlined what has changed.

Release for Export

We are not going global or anything like that. But in this week's release you'll find many features you've been requesting for a while, including exporting contacts, pool of numbers available for everyone and low balance notifications.

In this post I'll include the highlights, but if your want a full rundown check out the our Product Release Notes.

Exporting Contacts

Exporting contacts in our online SMS platformYou can now export contact groups from SMS Central online sms platform. You'll receive an email with a link to download the csv file. For more info check our online support centre.

Web SMS Portal – New features recap!

This new financial year has seen an unprecedented amount of new features and goodies delivered by our tech team. Here’s a brief list in case you missed our emails or release notes.

Manager Portal

If you are a reseller, a franchise, or anyone managing subaccounts, the Mighthy Web SMS Manager was released to make your life easier.

SMS Central Manager Portal -  Manage subaccounts and send SMS campaigns!

The Mighty Manager dashboard

You can allocate credit from and to the top account from any subaccount; set a maximum amount of SMS other accounts can send on a monthly basis (volume limit); a really cool new feat are default settings, speeding up the setup process of adding subaccounts by letting you set the standard for all new subbies; and lets not forget adding users and automatically assigning them to multiple accounts in one go!

API Reference – Special Characters

We've noticed that some messages have been sent via our API which contained characters that wouldn't get through the carriers and delivered to the phone. Unfortunately, in some cases these invalid characters were also causing some issues with our queueing system and were resulting in some messages getting stuck in the queue.

So we've decided to put through an update in our API, to let you know when you may have sent some messages with invalid characters, allowing you to update the message text on your side, rather than have the message fail.

Watch out for email scam!

We need to encourage you to be more vigilant with your SMS Central account details following a scam or “phishing” email being circulated.

Today we were made aware of an email scam being circulated, claiming to be from SMS Central. This email phishing scam included a request for people to update their SMS Central account details.

Email Scam

The fact is that these emails look authentic and include SMS Central logos, refer to actual SMS Central products or include believable email addresses.


It’s been some intense couple of months, but finally today we are able to ship the newest version of our customer portal.

The first stage of this massive deployment will be to allow all new customers and current customers with only one account to use the new version of our application. If you have sub-accounts, hang in there and keep your eyes peeled for early 2013, when we'll release a new and fresh way of managing your accounts.

SMS Central Dashboard

In this new version, the first thing you’ll notice is a clear change in the look and feel, and small (but what we deem GREAT!) improvements, like balance displayed in sms credits, faster loading tables, a simpler, step-by-step process to creating your campaign (same amount of options, just staged differently) and a stunning looking dashboard, to name a few.

A New SMS Central

SMS Central Logo

I’m very pleased to announce SMS Central’s new look & feel.

During 2012, we've been thinking and thinking (and re-thinking 10 more times!) ways in which we could make your business life easier (well…the small portion of it that we touch).

Besides upping the service reliability and speed in our current platform, we took it upon ourselves to shake things up in the world of SMS. We’ve decided to raise the bar.

In what sense?

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