Web SMS Portal – New features recap!

This new financial year has seen an unprecedented amount of new features and goodies delivered by our tech team. Here’s a brief list in case you missed our emails or release notes.

Manager Portal

If you are a reseller, a franchise, or anyone managing subaccounts, the Mighthy Web SMS Manager was released to make your life easier.

SMS Central Manager Portal -  Manage subaccounts and send SMS campaigns!

The Mighty Manager dashboard

You can allocate credit from and to the top account from any subaccount; set a maximum amount of SMS other accounts can send on a monthly basis (volume limit); a really cool new feat are default settings, speeding up the setup process of adding subaccounts by letting you set the standard for all new subbies; and lets not forget adding users and automatically assigning them to multiple accounts in one go!

Rapid SMS

For those of you asking for a quick way to send out a simple message to one or two contacts or a specific group, we’ve made it super easy!

SMS Central Rapid SMS

This not only lets you to send a quick SMS, but also allows you enter the name of the contact (not just the mobile number) when selecting who you're sending the message to.

Reporting Updates

Especially important if you had scheduled some reports for key stakeholders that don’t necessarily are registered users in your account, every time you are emailed a report in a link, you'll have 72 hours to open that link WITHOUT signing into your account.

We’ve added two new filters to our reports: group summary reports (users, campaigns or accounts) and status filtering.

Batch Sending

If you are the expert of call-to-action SMS campaigns, then you might be the risk of collapsing your call centre, store or website with each one of your blasts! Hence, batch sending will be a godsend!

SMS Central delivery

You can now pick to schedule a campaign and break it down into slots... and then separate those batches with intervals, to give your “response team” time to catch a breather!

Rules & Triggers

If you are running multiple SMS Central accounts from one main parent, you'll be happy to know we've expanded the scope & grab of unsubscribe rules.

You can apply unsubscribe rules from the top down (if they unsubscribe from the top parent account, they are unsubscribed from all accounts), or across all accounts (if they unsubscribe from one -any- account, they are unsubscribed from all accounts). Contact our customer love team to learn more!

Stay in the loop

If you’d like to keep updated on new features, you can follow our release notes forum in our online help centre.

SMS Central Release Notes

Also, make sure you add our support email (support [at] to your “white list” of emails so our product updates don’t end up in your junk email box.

Or keep an eye on this blog, I’ll be updating it once a month!

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